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1.  On receipts of the Bill Book, please write the Admission No. of your wards on the cover leaf and all leaves.

2.  All annual fees should be deposited in the Bank  as per schedule mentioned in the Bill Book.

3.  Kindly fill in all four parts of the Bill Book and send intact to Bank of India, Chittaranjan, with exact amount of fee in cash / cheque only.Do write the Admission No. of your ward on top of all four parts of the Bill Book while depositing in the Bank.

4.  Fee for all classes  must be deposited between 6th to  20th of every month. However those who are depositing the fees by cheque must deposit the same by 18th of every month.

5.  A fine of Rs. 250/- has been deposited for defaulters of one month.

6.  The Name of a student will be struck off the school rolls if he/she fails to deposit the tuition fee for two consecutive months and he/she will not be allowed to attend classes until re-admission is granted by the Principal.

7. Re-admission fee will have to be deposited by the defaulters for two consecutive months, subject to the prior permission of the  Principal only. 
[Re-admission fee is Rs.2,000/- ]
8. The Bill Book and leave record of class  X students must be cleared in advance upto the month of March with fine etc. and it must be produced to the class teacher for verification within the 15th of January.

9. Those who are depositing fees by cheque must write the name,class,sec.,roll no,and of the student on the backside of the cheque.

10. Changes in fee structure can be made at any time if the school authority thinks it necessary.

11. Parents are required to mention only Grand total of the fees amount in the foil of Bill book.

12. Banking hours are 10a.m. to 3.30p.m. from Monday to Friday.

13. Bill Book should be kept carefully. In case it gets lost, a new Bill Book can be obtained from the school office on payment.

14. Caution Money paid is refundable, only after settlement of all dues. No Refund of Caution  Money is made during Summer or Winter vacation. Caution Money is returned only on Saturday during 10.30 A.M. to 11.30 A.M. except on holidays and vacations. 
15. The fee etc. once paid in the Bank is Non - Refundable.